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A vacation for women


The Salty Retreat was designed for women to experience authentic joy and connect IRL (in real life). We'll laugh, we'll play, we'll hike, we'll sing, we'll share, we'll meditate, we'll nourish ourselves, we'll relax....we'll connect. This is an alcohol-free retreat and all about holistic healing: mind, body, soul and...laughing our heads off. We do that with nourishing food, moving our bodies in nature, practicing meditation, hanging in the sun by the pool, unwinding with music, a supportive and loving environment, and & connecting with our people. The only requirements are that you are open-minded, you're older than 21 and you have a vagina (or identify as a woman). Just show up and we promise you'll have a good time. No haters allowed. You deserve deserve to connect with like-minded beautiful women and have fun. We're in this together. Join us in the desert.

Dates for 2018:

3 nights total

Friday, October 26-Monday, October 29th.

New dates to come!

We do not identify or affiliate ourselves with any specific program, religion, or recovery modality. Labels are held at the door and this is a judgement-free zone.

Oct 26, 2018, 3:00 PM – Oct 29, 2018, 11:00 AM
Hotel El Cid,
526 S Camino Real, Palm Springs, CA 92264


Choose between your own bungalow or a shared bungalow, each with your own space. King rooms have their own bathroom, queen rooms and daybeds will share a bathroom with each other. 



Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Personal chef provided for all 3 meals. All the food is gluten-free and both vegetarian and vegan options available. We do serve coffee...



Encouraged to participate in everything, but of course you can join in as much or as little as you'd like. No requirements here.



Gorgeous pool and lounge chairs available 24/7 for your use. Music and pool to be enjoyed at all times.

Free Wifi


Included in stay, however we really encourage you to try to detox from electronics and connect IRL (in-real-life). That's the point, right?

Washer & Dryer Available


Towels provided and  there is a washer and dryer available for your use.

At your Service

Here for you in a safe and supportive environment. Please let us know how we can make your stay more comfortable.



Jill Hundenski | The Salty Retreat Founder & Soberista

Jill woke up one day and discovered she doesn't have to drink to have fun! A 30-day experiment has become her new best kept secret. It's like a little golden nugget that no one told her - you can have an even better life without alcohol! What started out as "sober curiosity" became her new way of life. And, healthier too! She does not consider herself an alcoholic, but rather a girl that chose another way. This retreat is for like-minded women that want to connect in real life and experience pure joy and bliss without booze or their vice of choice. Jill had replaced some of her past destructive behaviours with some new healthy ones: travel, hiking, working out and pulling pranks. She loves dogs, health and wellness, luxury travel, design and tic-tacs.

Chelsey Charbeneau | Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Chelsey found her life's purpose in helping people become happier and healthier through her own healing journey. She is by no means your typical yoga/meditation teacher. At the start of her practice she could barely touch her toes and was living a high stress lifestyle, working on the management team for a financial investment firm in Los Angeles. As her practice became more serious and her lifestyle habits changed, she started experiencing the therapeutic effects on her mind, body and spirit.

Kevin Paris | Singer, Songwriter, Hug Dealer & The Yoga Musician

Based in LA after living in Brazil, South Africa and all over the us, Paris' feel-good music has grown into an “off the beaten path” fusion of folk-reggae-acoustic-electronic influences. In addition to the traditional music scene, Paris is the go-to singer-songwriter paving the way for artists in the vibrant intersection of Yoga & Live Music. Since completing his yoga-teacher training he has played for over one thousand yoga classes alongside renowned teachers and fellow musicians at worldwide venues and festivals like Wanderlust, Yoga Journal Live, Hanuman Festival, Gaia and Yogaglo.



Morning Meditation & Yoga


Morning meditation and yoga before breakfast. Because we kinda can't not. We'll provide a yoga mat.


Nature walk or hike offered daily on the weekends after breakfast. Let's get this party started.

Massages available to schedule for an additional cost after lunch.
Vision Board or Soul Collage
Accessing your inner intuition in a creative way. Whether you would like to creative a Soul Collage card or a vision board for your future, we'll have it all available for you!
Sharing Circles 


Connecting with like-minded women in a safe environment. No vulnerability hangovers here. Sharing is encouraged but completely optional. Confidential.

Acoustic Guitar

Special guest: Kevin Paris to join us at yoga and the fire pit for meditation. Music heals the soul. Plus singing opens up your throat chakra. Yea I said it.


“We have been waiting for something like this for quite some time now! Cannot wait!!!” - Sarah

Be Alright - Kevin Paris
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